ZipGenius X Development Log, ep. 3

Minimal Elegance.

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ZipGenius X Home Panel (a rough version that now looks almost final).

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ZipGenius X without Home Panel


Long time users of ZipGenius could easily recall that our application was designed to look nice and not to a gray-ish boring utility for ordinary work. We always wanted it to be good looking and customizable. It worked and the proof is in how many competitors have been inspired by our user interface during the last years.

ZipGenius X is going down the same route. In an old tweet we announced that ZGX on Windows is going to have a theme-aware interface and we were showing a brief preview of what will be the “Home Panel“.

The Home Panel is coinceived to welcome users and to offer a deep dive into the application’s features. Once the user gets to know the ZGX environment, he/she can go to the “Settings” panel to customize how the application will appear at startup. The default option makes the Home Panel visibile, with all of its parts enabled

You will be allowed to disable what it’s not really useful for your daily tasks with ZipGenius and you could even get an empty Home Panel with just the mandatory commands to start operating with ZipGenius.

Maybe you wouldn’t want a Home Panel at all, so you could disable it and force the application to start with just its main window, with the only toolbar that ZipGenius is using since version 5.x.

And the dark theme makes it look gorgeous!

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