ZipGenius X development log, ep. 1

ZipGenius X extraction dialog

This is the first episode of a new series of blog posts that will be written without a regular schedule because it will track ZipGenius X development progress.

Some people commented that ZipGenius X doesn’t exist and it is some kind of vaporware… That’s not true at all. The development of ZipGenius X is quite complex because we’re not updating from the old codebase but we’re rewriting everything from scratch. This means that the development goes along some kind of research sessions, which let us test improvements and new technologies.

You must consider that while ZipGenius 6.x was written with Delphi, ZipGenius X will be a C# application, a UWP application for Windows 10 and it will be available also for Linux, macOS (and maybe Android) thanks to the UNO Platform. Combining all these elements together is a very time-consuming task but it’s really satisfying to see how the application is shaping up under your eyes.

ZipGenius X will not just be “yet another zip utility”: basically it is but it will have more. As we stated while developing CZIP X, we’re focusing on security. This means that ZipGenius will offer the option to track every action in order to have a proof of what has been performed through the application.

ZipGenius X extraction dialog

Moreover, history and logs will be encrypted by using the CZIP X technology, then it will be absolutely “zero-knwoledge”: the application won’t store any password that could decrypt those info, so it’s up to the user to remember the passphrase because it can’t be recovered in any way.

This is all for now. See you soon 🙂

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