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In 2022 ZipGenius will be 25 years old. Since 1997 our application has grown up and evolved together with Windows. We only stopped in 2016 when we decided to focus on the increasing demand for document protection and then we started reviewing the whole foundation of CZIP, the technology that ZipGenius uses to create encrypted archives. That technology was getting obsolete and we felt that it was needing a complete rewrite: we conceived Czip X, a standalone application that offers the best toolset to create encrypted archives. At that time we announced that it would have been a part of the next ZipGenius and today we can confirm that: ZipGenius X exists and embeds many of the technologies included in Czip X. Let’s be clear: if you want to create encrypted archives with all the options available, you will still need Czip X while ZipGenius X will be only capable of encrypting archives by using just a basic set of options and it won’t decrypt .CZX archives. Anyway, several other parts of Czip X are in ZipGenius X to ensure the security of your operations. ZipGenius X was completely redesigned and rewritten. Everything changed from appearand to working logics: at the beginning, ZipGenius was conceived  and developed as a pure desktop application for Windows, so it was designed to be used through mouse and keyboard; on the contrary, ZipGenius X is conceived to be used also on devices with touchscreens: icons are bigger, buttons and characters are larger, and everything aims to let user to work with ZipGenius X with the less sharp pointing devices – our fingers. The whole project is more rational. Up to version 6.x, ZipGenius was using four compression engines but we cut them down to two and of them is the very good 7-zip by Igor Pavlov, which can read almost any compression format apart from .ZIP. The tabbed interface now works better: while in the past ZipGenius had to unload and reload contents when the user switched from one tab to another, ZipGenius X makes each tab as an isolated environment and contents must be read just once. Also, if you open an archive while another one is showing, ZipGenius will load the contents for the second one only when you will switch to its tab. Archive reading features is more rational: we got rid of the preloading that ZipGenius used when opening an archive and now it just preloads the folder structure of the archive, letting ZipGenius X loading only the files for the selected folder. We estimate a browsing speed improvement between 30% and 60% (depending from the archive structure). Anyway, a video is worth a thousand words. Here is the first preview of a working copy of ZipGenius X.

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