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ZipGenius 6 Standard Edition

This package ships with the basic features set. If you want to expand capabilities, check the add-ons and ZGTools page.
MD5: A77B61C3C06B64FCDB57A45E64F29485 SHA-1: F42BBDB261B0D2A56D13B11FE6B7D7395CF40286 Size: 9.10 MB Downloads:
Download ZipGenius Standard Ed.

ZipGenius 6 Suite Edition

This package targets pro, corporate and commercial users because it install ZipGenius with all additional features like add-ons, themes and tools.


  • FTPGenius – FTP client
  • Scan & Zip
  • ZGAlbum
  • Cutter 4.5
  • Additional themes and skins
MD5: C2E03BA963C28FDB372A9719C19B2450 SHA-1: BD44FF826A6FCA7C9E59E9626B41CD74B441AEE6 Size: 12.8 MB Downloads:
Download ZipGenius Suite Ed.

Already using ZipGenius? Update it!

If you have already installed ZipGenius, just download this update pack: you will always get the latest version.
MD5: 2D5F541C1893B6B41D51382B31BD4360 SHA-1: FDEA96CD02BA5AC8088E7851D094A5DFAA39F864 Size: 5.44 MB Downloads:
Download Update Pack

Cutter 5 – the ZipGenius file cutter.

This utility lets you split large files into smaller parts to make easier to share them across the web.

Compatible with:

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows 2003 Server
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2008 Server
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8 / 8.1
  • Windows 10

Cutter 5 can’t be installed in Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4 systems.

Version: MD5: 93D98210D526715BD11F87F2A22791D1 SHA-1: F0EC43870B3C4E55F7050C22F954AB644EF42900 Size:4.40 MB Downloads:
Download Cutter 5

CZIP 2 Opener

This tool comes as a temporary workaround for a known bug in ZipGenius which can create CZIP archives using the proprietary CZIP2 algorythm but can’t open them back – you’ll get a “Wrong passphrase” error message. You can use it as a standalone application but it mainly works as a ZGTool within ZipGenius. It does just one job: decrypts CZIP2-based archives and open them in ZipGenius.
Version: 1.0 (build: File size: 864 KB MD5: E28AA517FF00D4A949750DFC2C4CB9CC SHA-1: 1653FAF815CD528B1D647E5DD7C40253F3D95011 Downloads:
Download CZIP 2 Opener

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