ZipGenius has been conceived to integrate with Windows® shell. When you associates archive types to ZipGenius, you can enable shell extensions: tooltips (moving mouse pointer over a zip file tells more about that file) and the context menu. To see this menu, you must right click on a file and you will see ZipGenius items.

You can customize menu items from Options panel: click "Options" > "Advanced settings" and go to "Shell Integration" page. Available items are:

Extract here
This command extracts files in the same folder of selected zip archive.

Publish to Web
Activates FTPGenius and transfers files to a FTP server.

The content of selected archive will appear in a new window.

Make EXE
Converts zip files to a self-extracting archive (SFX).

Send via e-mail
ZipGenius will create a new e-mail message with selected archive(s) as attachments. 

Extract here, in [path]
Just like EXTRACT HERE, but files will be placed in the specified folder.

Extract to [path]
Extract files to specified path.

Extracts all files to a temporary folder and run the "Setup.exe" file.

When you right click on other types of files (or folders), you will get the following items:

Add to archive...
Add selected files to an archive.

Create [archive name].zip
Creates a new zip archive with selected files and folders.

Create and e-mail archive...
It works ust as previous item, plus it sends the new archive through e-mail.

ZipGenius also can tell detailed info about a zip file when you move the mouse pointer over that file, and you can add files to a zip file through Drag and Drop: drag files and/or folders over a zip and they will be added to that zip file.

LibreOffice / OpenOffice Documents
If you enable the "Support to documents" in the Options panel, the context menu associated to those files will have two new items:

Open with ZipGenius

Those documents will be treated by ZipGenius as standard zip files, allowing to modify the content of the XML files into them and to extract pictures contained into those documents.

WARNING: changing the content of the XML files is not suggested to beginners, because the document could be corrupted and it may become unreadable by


Optimize document

This feature shrinks a document using the maximum compression level. documents are ZIP files with a different file extension, but the XML into them are added using a medium compression level, so ZipGenius extracts those files and packs them again. A small "ZG" comment is added: / LibreOffice won't take care about that. That comment is used by ZipGenius to know if a document has been already optimized (when you update the document in, the comment is automatically removed).

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