The answer to this question becomes as more obvious as time passes by and the Internet spreads around the world: tomorrow way or working is just arrived. Today many people work and collaborate through the Internet and they often need share projects and documents; nowadays, this kind of stuff is a huge amount of bytes to transfer through the net and, even if broadband networks are spreading quickly, transferring a big file may be a problem and it could represent a loss of productivity. Compression programs allow to reduce the size of a file, as much as it is possible, and work becomes faster and easier.

But everyone can take advantages from file compression: students can store their researches over the Internet and bring them to school, or digital artists can share their pictures by using zip files.
Compressed files also may result useful when you need to backup your most important data, such as system files, and ZipGenius has powerful backup features, so that you can quickly restore lost data.

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