ZipGenius features can be extended throught the ZGTools, which are small applications that can be used as standalone programs or as extensions for ZipGenius; there are few ZGTools at this moment, but others are planned. One of this is shipped within the SUITE edition of ZipGenius, others can be downloaded from ZipGenius website.

Currently available ZGTools are:

  • Cutter  (available in Suite edition)
  • Time To Get!  (optional for all ZipGenius versions)  

M.Dev Software creates these ZGTools but every software developer may create his own ZGTools to be installed in ZipGenius ( see how to do that  ).

Installing ZGTools is very easy because those made by M.Dev Software have their own setup program: when a ZGTool is installed, its item(s) will appear under the ZipGenius "Tools" menu.


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