There are two groups of files: "Binary" and "ASCII" files. A file of the first type is a sequence of "0" and "1", while the second kind is pure text. Sometimes you can't send a binary file to a FTP server over the Internet, because its administrator has denied access to binaries for safety reasons. The question is: how can you do to send a binary file also if it isn't accepted? You can encode it!
You can choose three kind of encoding:

UUencode: it's the oldest type and it was born on UNIX systems. It produces files with .uu or .uue extension, while ZipGenius produces only .uue files.

XXencode: very similar to the previous one, but it is considered as an evolution of it because it fixes some issues on ASCII table conversion. ZipGenius will produce .xxe files.

MIME Base 64: actually this method is the most spread because it's used by e-mail servers and programs. The files encoded with this system have the  .mim  and .b64 .b64 extensions.

You can encode an archive by opening the "Actions" menu, then choosing one of the three methods.

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