This section of the options panel lets you set several protection criteria for your data and information.

Safety and privacy
This subsection allows to set the behaviour of the most recently used files list (MRU List). It can be: Always enabledSession Enabled or Fully Disabled. Moreover you can force ZipGenius to encrypt the file that keeps tracks of the archives history in ZipGenius.

Recently Used Files

You can enable/disable or clean at each shutdown the list of recently used files. 

Encrypt Archives History

This setting lets you encrypt the file holding the history of archives opened with ZipGenius.

WARNING: each time you change this setting the history file get deleted.

Clean History File
This button clean the archives history file. 

Here you can set the command line to drive your antivirus software to scan an archive opened in ZipGenius. AV scan can also be set to start automatically when an archive gets loaded by ZipGenius.

Encryption (CryptoZip 2.x)

Store key without confirmation.
When this option is enabled, ZipGenius will save your passphrase/passkey to ZG Password Manager without asking to user.
Read also "How to create an archive"

Force processing on hard disk
This option force CZIP process to be executed on the hard disk and not in RAM. This setting is effective only when you encrypt a zip archive through the CZIP algorhythm.

Default encryption method
Here you can choose the default encryption algorhythm between: CryptoZip, Rijndael (AES), Blowfish and Twofish.

CZIP 2 default archive type
Here you can set the default CZIP 2 archive type between Standard, Self Locking and Self Erasing.

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