This page is used to set some paths that can be useful to ZipGenius.

It is shared in two subsections:

In "Initial Folder", you may choose a path as initial folder for ZipGenius open file dialog. Usually, this path is th one where you find all the archives you use. You can choose from some default paths or you can type a custom one.

In "External compression program", you can specify the path of external programs needed by ZipGenius to handle archive files in oher formats than ZIP. For further information, see how to install external programs

Smart Extract  
It is a ZipGenius new features. Here you can set the paths where ZipGenius will automatically extract files upon file type (music, video and so on). Each file type will be extracted into a specific path by clicking on "Edit">"Smart Extract".

NOTE: If you are running ZipGenius under an operating system different than Windows Xp, those paths will be automatically created upon "Smart Extract" first usage. Under Windows XP or later, ZipGenius will use system paths, but you can still specify custom paths (system paths won't be affected). 

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