ZipGenius now allows to open more than one archive at once through the "MultiOpen" feature. Click on "Open" and choose multiple archives to activate it, and the program will open the first selected archive; all selected archives will appear as tabs above the file list, so you can click on a tab to open its related archive.

If you right-click on a tab, you will get a popup menu with the following items:

  • Group archive into a single zip
    This command creates a new zip file which contains all archives in the MultiOpen list.
  • Melt archives into a single zip
    This command melts the content of all archives in the MultiOpen list into a single zip. Files will be organized in separate folders, each one with a name taken from original archive. WARNING: for some types of archive you will need external programs, because this feature is based on ZipGenius extraction capabilities.
  • Close archive
    This command closes current archive and removes it from MultiOpen list.
  • Close all archives
    Closes all archives and clean MultiOpen list.
  • Extract all...
    This command decompress all open archives to the same folder, grouping files into subfolders each represting an archive.

Plus, if you are using ZipGenius in expert mode, you will also get:

  • Archive properties
  • Rename archive
  • Copy to...
  • Move to...
  • Delete current archive

These items are the same items you find in the "File" menu of ZipGenius.

If you have open a single archive, you can activate MultiOpen through the dropdown menu attached to the "Open" button, by clicking on "Add archive to MultiOpen List": you will prompted to select one or more archives to add to MultiOpen list; when you will choose some archives to add, the related tabs will be added.  

Moreover, ZipGenius has been redesigned to be used with just one instance of the program, so if you are in MultiOpen mode and you click on an archive in Windows Explorer, ZipGenius will add that archive to the tab list.

In MultiOpen mode you can copy files from any archive to one or all zip files open. Select one or more files and right-click to see the popup menu, which will show a new item labeled "MultiOpen Actions" with these two functions:

  • Copy file to... - this item will show all zip files open in a submenu: click on one of them to copy the selected file to that.
  • Copy to all open archives - this item will copy selected file to all open zip archives.

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