Here you can modify main ZipGenius settings.

First of all, you can associate ZipGenius to all types of archive that it supports: choose one or more file type and click on "Associate". This action allows to open associated file types with ZipGenius, with just a double click on their icons.

ZipGenius user mode
Choose the ZG user mode that fits your level of experience in using PCs: if you feel as an expert PC user, choose "Layout for advanced users" (the "EXPERT" indicator will appear in the status bar); if you need a good help to compress files without hassles, choose "Layout for everybody" (the "NORMAL" indicator will appear in the status bar).

When in EXPERT mode, all ZipGenius features depends by your actions and the program won't help you in many cases; in NORMAL mode, instead, almost all actions are wizard-driven and you have just to follow on-screen instructions.

In any case, you can still use the First Step Assistant: in ZipGenius it is placed in a bar above the main toolbar; just choose an action in list and click "GO", then follow on-screen instructions.

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