There are three subsections here:

This section allows changing ZipGenius colors and font used:

Colors and font
ZipGenius aspect can be customized by using themes, a combination of skins, colors and fonts. You can modify or create any theme and you can save these settings in order to use them each time you run ZipGenius.

The SUITE edition offers some default themes, but if you have STANDARD edition, you may download other themes from .

If you have styles installed, you need only to choose a style from list and to click "OK",

However you can create a custom style: you can modify background color, text color and font used for the file list, plus you can change SideBar's look in "Sidebar" section, by using SKINS: you can build your own sidebar skins, just ask to Clicking on "Add theme" will store color scheme and sidebar skin you have selected.

If you want to change an existing style, you have to select it from list, modify it and save it again without changing its name: ZipGenius will ask if you want to update that.

Exporting a theme.
Click "Export style" and ZipGenius will export your current ZG Theme in a file, so that you can share it with friends.

ZG Themes - send your theme to The ZipGenius Team.
Other themes will be available in the future and it may include ZG Themes sent by users (you have just to export a style and send it to

ZG Themes - how to install.
ZG Themes are really easy to install: just double click the .ZTM file and it will be copied to ZG skins subfolder.

Here you can change settings related to the main toolbar of ZipGenius:

  • Show button labels: shows buttons labels on the toolbar.
  • Use selected font for buttons..: the font you selected will be used throughout the entire ZG window.
  • Use large characters: if you enabled previous item, characters' size will be increased.
  • Icons size: you can choose between large and small icons.
  • Other layout elements: you can hide/show many ZG interface elements.

The toolbar is skinnable. Skin files for ZipGenius 6 have the .ZT6 extension and they are part of ZipGenius Themes. Don't try to install .ZTK toolbar skins, as they are skins for ZipGenius; also, don't try to install .ZT6 skin files in ZipGenius.


  • Single-click: select this option if you want to use a single click where a double click is required.
  • Show grid: enables the grid in ZipGenius files list.
  • Full row selection: when you will select a file in ZipGenius list, its entire row will be selected.  

The other four options can hide/show some parts of ZipGenius user interface (Status bar, Info bar, First Step bar, Sidebar). If you check all those options, you will get the most complete interface; if all options are disabled, you will see a minimal interface with just the toolbar and the files list (in NORMAL mode, "First Step" bar is always on an can't be removed).


If you have archives with many files inside, you may enable "file marker" feature to see certain files in a crowded list. Enable this feature by checking the "Enable File Marker" box and ZipGenius will mark all files related to the patterns you will add to the file marker list. You can specify to mark a certain file by specifying its filename (ex.: "MyPicture.jpg") or you can force ZipGenius to mark files of a given type (ex.: ".DOC"). NOTE: if you specify a filename for a file that may be marked due its type, the filename pattern will have priority over the generic pattern. Example: if you set "Report.doc" and ".doc" as patterns, ZipGenius will mark all ".DOC" files, but "Report.doc" will be marked with the different attributes you gave.

Moreover, when this feature is enabled, ZipGenius will use it to mark the following default patterns (not listed):  

  • Readme.txt
  • Setup.exe, Install.exe,
  • Suspicious double file extensions: ".VBS.*" and ".JS.*" 


ZipGenius now supports multiple languages, but English and Italian are shipped within the setup package. In this section you can choose which one to use. All shell extensions will be affected, but not SFX creation modules, which are available only in english or in italian. 

You can check for additional language packs by clicking on "Connect": you will see a list of all available language packs on ZipGenius website. You just have to click on desired language pack and it will be downloaded, then you have to install it (it is a self-extracting file).

Select a language and click "Apply".

The available language list will show only compatible language packs, so in ZG 6 you can't use language packs v.102 but you will have to refer to the required language version. If you use an additional language and ZipGenius is updated with a newer build that requires updated language, the program may switch back to english if your language is not usable with ZipGenius newer build.

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