Virus number grows day after day so everyone should have a good and up to date antivirus program. With ZipGenius you can scan archives through the antivirus program you have. You can decide to force ZipGenius to launch antivirus program before opening an archive or you can click  Today everyone must have a good antivirus program to be safe on the Internet, so ZipGenius now can force your antivirus to scan archives before opening them, or you can scan them when they are already opened in ZipGenius through the related item in the popup menu of ZipGenius.

This feature must be enabled from the "Options" panel, in the "Antivirus" page.
First of all, you must type the full path to your antivirus program. Each program has its own path and filename, so it's up to you to find the right path. You can click the "Browse" button attached to the path field or you can type directly the path into that box. If you need help, you can click the button labeled "Antivirus Web List" that will open your default web browser and point it to a special page in, which hold a list of already known path for some antivirus program.

The "%s" symbol is a placeholder: ZipGenius will substitute it automatically with the filename of the archive being scanned. Be careful when you place this symbol, because if it is in a wrong position in the command line, the antivirus may fail to start.
When scan will be finished, ZipGenius will ask you if the AV program found any virus.

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