Zip archives are often used to distribute applications over the Internet, so those zip files contain files labeled "setup.exe", "", "install.exe" or "", which usually starts program's setup; ZipGenius can detect those files and it can start setup.

When one of the above file has been detected, ZipGenius shows the text "SETUP" in the status bar and the related menu items will be enabled: just click on one of these to being action. ZipGenius will extract all files in a temporary folder and it will launch the setup file, then you have to follow the setup program to continue.

You will see a message from ZipGenius which will advise you to click "OK" when setup process is finished. REMEMBER: if you click "OK" when setup is still running, ZipGenius will try to delete all the temporary files extracted before and you may get errors.

This feature is not available for all types of archive.

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