ZipGenius allows to preview a compressed file: it will extract the selected file in a temporary folder and it will show that in different ways, then the file will be deleted.

Not all file types can be previewed: this depends by file type and selected user layout for ZipGenius.

NOTE: you can preview just one file at a time, so you can't use "Preview" feature if you select more than one file in ZipGenius window (excepted when you use "Preview Pictures").

ZipGenius will try to open the selected file with its associated program; if no program is associated to that file type, ZipGenius will try to show selected file in its internal viewer.


During the last years, virus writers have found a good workaround to spread viruses through e-mail and avoiding antivirus checkings: they send them as password-protected zip files because EVERY antivirus software can't open them. ZipGenius, instead, can open password-protected files because it is designed to do this, by asking the password to the user, so this could be a potentially dangerous action if you don't know the sender of that zip file.
ZipGenius 6 introduces a security check before running any file that could be dangerous to your system and your data: if you set the path to an antivirus software in the options panel of ZipGenius, when you will double-click on a file, you will be prompted to perform an antivirus scan before executing the selected file. You can accept to perform that scan, but you can refuse that if you are sure of what you are doing, or you can cancel the whole action.

If you right-click on a file in the files list, you will find the "Preview" menu item, which has a submenu with three items:

This allows to read documents that can be read as text document; if text contains an URL or an e-mail address (written as, you can click on that text to activate hyperlink.

This menu item works just as the double click on a file listed in ZipGenius.


When you don't know what kind a file is, you can open it in the HEX viewer to see its hexadecimal and ASCII representation.


ZipGenius can show all pictures in an archive just as Windows XP does in "Preview" mode: just select "Picture Preview" in the View menu.

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