The SUITE edition of ZipGenius includes the so-called ZGTools ,small programs that can works both independently or together with ZipGenius. These ZGTools are made by M.Dev Software, but other parties can create them, too.

To make ZipGenius to recognize a ZGTool, this last must communicate its presence in the TOOLS.INI file, which is placed in the folder where ZipGenius is installed.
The ZGTools must write a section in this file, just as shown in the following example:

caption=Collect archives

This example shows all the required parameters to use in a section.

This parameter tells the full path of the ZGTool to ZipGenius

Write here the caption of the item in the "Tools" menu that ZipGenius wil create for the ZGTool.

Write here additional parameters to the command-line. See also SendArcNameSendSelected e SendAll .

If the ZGTools write a result file, this parameter tells to ZipGenius the path to this file; the main program will show it in its internal editor.

This parameter tells if the ZGTool can be used only if an archive is opened in ZipGenius: "1" means "true", "0" means false (the ZGTools can be called always).

If this value is set to "1", the filename of the archive currently opened in ZipGenius is added to the command-line.

If this value is set to "1", all the archived files that are selected in ZipGenius window will be added to the command-line.

If this value is set to "1", all the files listed in ZipGenius window will be added to the command-line. 

Tips for the developer:

  1. If you need to know where tools.ini is placed, your ZGTool must read a key in Windows Registry:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\M.Dev Software\ZG5

In these keys you will find the AppPath string value where the installation path of ZipGenius is stored. That's the path of tool.ini, too.

  1. You can create more than one section in tools.ini if your ZGTool does more than one job: you have only to provide a section for each action. Example:

    caption=Collect archives

    caption=Collect ZIP and CAB archives
    params=-zg-zip -cab

  1. Be sure that the uninstall program of your ZGTool removes the related sections from  tools.ini , and that this file won't be accidentally removed.
  2. The ZGTool can be also a script: VBScript, JavaScript and .BAT or .COM files.
  3. If your ZGTool creates a result file, make sure that the file begins with the name of the ZGTool, your name, and your e-mail addrees or the address of your homepage. Do this because the internal editor of ZipGenius can recognize hyperlinks.
  4. In a short round of time, it will be available a small utility that helps the subscription procedure of the ZGTools, so check often ZipGenius website site.
  5. Force your ZGTool to recognize the language used by ZipGenius, so it can add its menu item with the right language.


For more info, contact M.Dev Software.

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