ZipGenius can show how files are organized into folders in an archive. This feature now is more clever and you can filter the file list if you double click on a folder: ZipGenius will show only files related to the selected folder. Click "Reload list" if you want to reload the full file list. Click "Upper level" if you want to go to the upper level of folders. The "(-)" symbol is a placeholder that allows to filter the file list in order to see only files stored without path information.

The "Upper level" button lets you see the higher level of folders stored in your archive, just as you would do while browsing folders through Windows Explorer.

This feature is accessible from the "Panels" button of the SideBar.

Right-click on a folder to see a menu with all the available features. Some of these features are available depending by archive format:

(click on a menu item to read its explanation)

  • List files in this folder
  • This is the default action and you can activate it by double-clicking an item in the folder view: the file list will change to just show the files placed in the selected folder. (back)
  • Extract
  • This item will extract all the files placed in the selected folder. (back)
  • Delete folder
  • This item will delete the selected folder. (back)
  • Compress... to new zip archive
  • The selected folder is extracted and compressed to a new zip archive. (back)
  • Publish folder to Web
  • The folder is extracted and published to a Web server through FTPGenius (back)

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