In a different section of this help file, you will find a list of support archive types; here, instead, we will see how to install external compression programs that you need for ARJ, ARC, ZOO and LZH file. Without these programs ZipGenius is just able to show their contents; using them you will be able to modify those archives.

Click on  "Options", then go to  "Paths" section and choose the format whose external program you are going to install (.ARJ, as example); if you know the full path to that program , you can type it, else you can click "Browse" to search it. Finally, click on "Save" to store that path..

WARNING! If you will click "OK" without clicking on "Save" before, paths won't be stored!

"Where can I find...".
This button will point your web browser to a ZipGenius website page, where you will find how to obtain one of required external programs. Some programs can be downloaded directly from ZipGenius website.

Show external programs running
By default, this option should be always enabled because it forces Windows to show these programs while running; however, if you don't want to see other windows than ZipGenius one, you can uncheck this box.

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