ZipGenius can export files list in various formats:

  • HTML ZipGenius creates a HTML file (a Web page).
  • CSV ZipGenius creates a file readable by many database programs (comma separated value).
  • XML ZipGenius creates a XML file.
  • TXT ZipGenius creates a plain text document.


  • In "First Step Assistant" bar, choose an export option
  • choose in which folder ZipGenius should create the resulting file.

Optionally you can use the “Export file list” item in the “Tools” menu..


Expert users can click on “Export…” items in the “Other actions” section of the sidebar or their equivalents in the "Tools" menu. In you haven't selected a favorite exportation format in the options panel, the "Export file list" item will have a submenu with all export formats available; on the contrary, if you have selected a favorite format, you won't see that submenu and clicking on the same item will export the file list into your favorite format. 

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