Just as many other zip programs, ZipGenius has a "Disk spanning" feature that allow to distribute large zip files through a set of floppy disks or similar; however that feature applies only to zip files, so ZipGenius offers a second way to divide large files (of any type) into smaller parts: just use Cutter, the ZGTool shipped within SUITE edition of ZipGenius. You can choose the feile to split, how much large should be the resulting file parts and where you want to save them. When Cutter will have finished its work, you will find a new subfolder in the destination path, where you will find all the file parts produced by Cutter and a batch procedure (a .BAT file) that will rebuild the original file on end user's PC. This ZGTool is completely wizard-driven.

If you want a newer version than the one shipped within ZipGenius Suite Edition, you could check Cutter 5.

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