ZG Album is a new optional component for ZipGenius. It is shipped within SUITE Edition but you can decide to avoid its setup. STANDARD Edition users must download it from www.zipgenius.it. ZG Album allows to build pictures slideshow so you can send your pictures to your parents, relatives and friends without hassles.

You have two ways to make a slideshow:

  1. Click on "Make a slideshow" item in the main menu: ZipGenius will ask you to choose a folder containing .BMP and .JPG files.
  2. Click on "Scan and Zip" to import pictures from a TWAIN device and choose "EXE" as archive format.

When ZipGenius will be ready to create the slideshow will ask you some customization: choose a title for your slidshow and fill all the other fields, then go to the "Pictures" tab and click: here you can write a short comment to each picture and choose which picture you want to add to the slideshow. You will see a thumbnail of selected picture and its default comment (usually, its filename). Write a comment, if you want, and click "Save comment".

You can protect your slideshows with a password.

When you are ready, you have only to click on "Proceed" and ZipGenius will build your new slideshow. It is a special SFX which will extract files to a volatile folder before running the slideshow applet. That folder will be removed at next reboot.

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