When you want to add files and folders to an archive, ZipGenius offers the chance to set a compression level. This usually happens with .ZIP and .7Z archive and these are the available levels:

  • No Compression
  • Minimum
  • Medium
  • Maximum
  • Brutal

Quite self-explanatory, "No Compression" doesn't compress files but stores them as they are into the archive; on the other hand, "Brutal" tries to compress the files as much as possible.

WARNING! Not every kind of file can be compressed due to its own nature. Files like .PNG, .JPG, .MP3, .MP4 and others, are already compressed since they were generated: trying to further compress them will result in just 1-2% of size decrease. In the worst case, you could get the opposite effect and file size might increase. In order to avoid this side effect, ZipGenius can automatically recognize precompressed files that you set to compress (again) through the "Brutal" compression level and it applies the "No Compression" level to just these files.

An additional compression level is called "Brutal + UPX" and it's activated by downloading the UPX compression tool, which is an executable files compressor, and by putting it into ZipGenius program folder. Read more about it.

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