The Common Tasks panel is one of the most important new features in ZipGenius interface. It is conceived to make easier working with ZipGenius, because it offers a "look and feel" similar to Windows® Explorer.

All main commands were moved to this panel (and to the popup menu, also). Here you sill find links to most used actions and they are grouped in several sub-panels, just as in Windows® XP. These links are context-sensitive, so they appear/disappear under certain circumstances.

Sub panels are:

Common tasks

  • New Archive: use it to create a new archive
  • Open Archive: opens an existing archive
  • Close Archive: closes current archive
  • Scan and Zip: it starts the wizard to import pictures from a TWAIN source (see: Scan and Zip page)

Archive Tasks

  • Add file: it allows adding one or more files to current archive
  • Add folder: it allows to add the content of a folder
  • Extract files: this link starts files extraction
  • Extract to CD-R/RW: this link can extract files to pre-burning folder of Windows XP, making them ready to be written to a CD-R/RW through CD burning capabilities of Windows XP
  • Delete: deletes all or just the selected files from current archive
  • Preview: this item allows to preview an archived file
  • Rename archive: renames current archive

Other Tasks

  • Print file list: send the file list to default printer
  • Sign archive: puts your signature in current zip archive
  • Export file list to html/xml/csv/txt: save files list in one of those formats
  • Make SFX: this item can convert zip, lha, lzh, arj or 7z archive to .EXE

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