UPX is a truly powerful compressor for executable files like EXE, DLL, OCX: the ZipGenius main executable (zipgenius.exe) is itself compressed with UPX before deploying it.

Now ZipGenius allows to create ZIP archives with smaller size, because it can precompress the mentioned file types through UPX. UPX is automatically installed by ZipGenius Suite Edition setup; owners of ZG Standard Edition can download UPX from its website.

UPX precompression is available only when you are going to create a new ZIP-like archives (see supported archives list) or when you want to add files/folders to an existing one, and only if upx.exe is placed in ZipGenius program folder. When these two conditions are satisfied, the compression options dialog will offer a newer compression level named Brutal + UPX. If selected, ZipGenius will apply brutal compression level and it will precompress executable files through the UPX interface.

The UPX precompression dialog will appear after you will have started the compression procedure: it will gather info about files that are going to be added to the ZIP archive and it will create a list of files that can be precompressed through UPX. The dialog will allow you to set UPX compression level: 7 is the default level, 9 is the maximum and 1 is the minimum level. 

WARNING! Higher compression level will require more resources to your system (RAM and free disk space, mainly), and the whole operation may result very long.

When you will click Proceed, UPX will try to compress the files listed in the UPX dialog and each filename in list will show an icon that will tell you the result of the procedure: "Compressed", "Already compressed" or "Unable to compress".

After precompression, click "Continue" to continue with the normal compression procedure.

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