Expert user may customize ZipGenius in an extreme way by accessing to the "Advanced Settings" section in the Options dialog.

Here you will find seven sub-sections:

Misc. settings:

Preview file with associated program
When this option is enabled, ZipGenius try to open a file through the associated program to that.

Export file list to format
You can tell to ZipGenius which format should be used by default to export the files list. In this case, if you will click "Export", the program will automatically export files to chosen format.

Show time spent
Enable this option to read how much time ZipGenius spent to complete an action. Don't be trustful to timings reported because they are influenced by hardware and software configuration.

Enable "Scan and Zip" feature
Enable this option if you want to import pictures from TWAIN devices, such as scanners and digital cameras.

Show read progress bar...
Here you can set at which number of files ZipGenius should show a progress bar, used to tell if it is reading the open archive. Default is "300", minimum is "50", maximum is "30000"

Enable Zip Auto "Check Integrity"

ZIP files are often damaged while being downloaded and in that case you need to TEST the archive, if you want to know if files can b extracted. If you want to do automatically that, you cam enabled this option; optionally, you can force ZipGenius to repair that. 

Details selection
Here you can choose which columns should appear when you will use ZipGenius in "Details" view mode. If you check "Auto settings" option, ZipGenius will choose columns to show upon user layout selected. If you want to see only common columns, just click on "Default columns".

Shell integration
Here you can set parameters for action started from Windows shell (the "context menu").
You can choose default compression level between "Maximum" and "Storage (no compression)".
You can enable ZipGenius shell extension by checking the box labeled "Enable context menu", then you will see ZipGenius items in the context menu that will popup when you will click on zip files or on other files. ZipGenius items can appear all listed in that menu or you can group them in a submenu: check the "Use cascaded menu" box.
You can customize ZipGenius shell extension by choosing which items should appear. NOTE: some item may appear or not depending by certain conditions (type of file, number of files selected, etc.).

ZipGenius supports also documents made with LibreOffice/OpenOffice. Even if this is an office suite, it produces common zip files and give them a custom file extension; inside these files are XML files that are needed to compose the document on screen. If you check "Let ZipGenius support documents" option, ZipGenius will add two items in their context menu: "Open with ZipGenius" and "Optimize". The last one allows to reduce documents size).

Optionally, you can hide or show icons in ZipGenius items.

Check the "Drag over a folder to extract files" option to be allowed to extract files by dragging a zip files over a folder with right mouse button.

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