• Syntax 1:
    -encrypt filename C|E S|L|D 0 P|N Key1 Key2 Key3 [AuthorName][AuthorMail]
  • Syntax 2:
    -encrypt filename C|E S|L|D 1|2|3 Passphrase [AuthorName] [AuthorMail]

This command lets you convert ZIP files into CZIP encrypted files. There are two syntaxes because the first one only must be used when you want to encrypt the file using the CryptoZip algorhythm (CZIP); the other one, instead, is used to encrypt a ZIP file through an algorhythm like Blowfish, Twofish and Rijndael (AES).

The parameters must be written in the same order you see them in the syntax synopsis shown above.

Archive Type:

  • C - CZIP standard archive, ZipGenius (or compatible application) will be required to re-open the file;
  • E - Executable CZIP file, auto-decryption provided, it won't require ZipGenius (or compatible application) to re-open it.

Archive protection:

  • S - standard protection, unlimited number of chances to enter the pass key/phrase;
  • L - self-locking file, it will lock itself after three wrong pass key/phrases;
  • D - self-deleting file, it will destroy all internal data after three wrong pass key/phrases.

Encryption algorhythm:

  • 0 - CZIP 2.1. Options for this algorhythm (Syntax #1):
    • Progres indicator:
      • P - visibile
      • N - not visibile
    • CZIP Numeric Key (xxxxx-yyyyy-zzzzz):
      • Key1 - first part
      • Key2 - second part
      • Key3 - third part
  • 1 - Blowfish 128 bit *
  • 2 - Twofish *
  • 3 - Rijndael (AES) *

* Algorhythms #1, #2, #3 have just one specific option:

Passphrase - the phrase used to encrypt an archive: use quotes (") if the phrase has spaces between words.
Ex.: my test phrase -> "my test phrase"

Optional information fields (common to all algorhythms):

  • AuthorName - archive author name
  • AuthorMail - archive author e-mail address

NOTE: if you use the "E" switch to create an executable CZIP archive then the program will automatically choose the options required to produce a standard CZIP; in fact, due to technical reasons, it is not possible to create self-locking/deleting executable CZIP files.

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