-delete archive {options}

This command deletes one or more files from an archive.

Required parameters:
archive - filename of the archive that contains the files to be deleted


R[ 0 | 1 ]

This parameter searches for files to delete also in subfolders stored in the archive.

Possible values of "R" are:

  • 0 - option DISABLED
  • 1 - option ENABLED

The defaut value is R0 and it will be automatically selected if "R" is not specified in the command line.


This parameter specifies which files should be considered for deletion from the archive. It is possible to specify filenames with wildcards like * and ?.
If this parameter is not specified in the command line, the program will delete all files and the archive itself.


This parameter allows to specify which file must be excluded from a mass deletion action (e.g.: "+*.*" has been specified).

D[ A | H | R | S | Z | X ]

This parameter allows to delete just files that have given attributes. "D" must be followed by one or by a combination of the following attributes:

  • A - Archive file
  • H - Hidden file
  • R - Read-only file
  • S - System file
  • Z - File without attributes
  • X - Any attribute (this option overrides all the other attributes)

The default value is DX and it will be automatically selected if "D" is not specified in the command line.

K:0 | 1

Shows a progress indicator while performing an action.

"K" may assume one of the following values:

  • 0 - no indicator
  • 1 - indicator is visible

Default value is K1 and it is used when the "K" parametere is not specified in the command line.


Remember to use the "+" parameter to delete single files from an archive: if your command line misses this parameter, all files will be deleted and the archive will become unreadable.

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