-backup destination folder {options}

Creates the backup of a folder.



This parameter specifies the destination path of the backup you are going to produce.


It specifies the folder to backup: this could be a full filesystem path (ex.: "C:\My Folder"), or one of the following placeholders that can be used to backup special system folders:

  • MUSIC - My Music folder (Windows XP only)
  • PICS -  My Pictures folder (Windows 2000/XP only)
  • VIDEO - My Video folder (Windows XP only)
  • FAVORITES - Favorites folder
  • DOCS - My Documents folder
  • DESKTOP - Desktop folder
  • FONTS - Fonts folder


  • C - this switch enables files compression and it must be associated to one of the following values that specifies compression level:
    • 0 - storage only (no compression)
    • 1 - minimum compression, max speed
    • 5 - medium compression, medium speed
    • 9 - max compression, low speed
    • B - brutal compression, lowest speed

Default value is C0 (it is used if "C" is not specified).

  • D - adds date in YYYYMMDD format and time to backup filename. "D" may assume one of the following value:
    • 0 - option NOT enabled
    • 1 - option ENABLED

Default value is D0 and it is used when "D" is not specified.

  • U - enables files updating in an existing backup archive. This parameter may assume one of the following values:
    • 0 - option NOT enabled
    • 1 - option ENABLED

Default value is U0 and it it use if "U" is not specified.

  • K - show progress indicator or not. possible values of "K" are:
    • 0 - NO progress indicator
    • 1 - progress indicator is VISIBLE

Default value is K1.

  • P - protects the backup archive with a password. You can enable this parameter by specifying a password after "P". Example: Pthisismypassword.
  • +/- (file) - these parameters specify wichi file(s) must be included/ecluded by compression action. If none is specified, the program will include all files.

1) zg -backup D:\ MUSIC
"My Music" folder backup will be stored to "D:\" as "". All files and subfolders will be included and no compression will be applied.

2) zg -backup D:\ MUSIC +*.mp3 +*.wma
Like example (1) but only .MP3 and .WMA files will be added to the backup file.

3) zg -backup D:\ MUSIC CB +*.mp3
Like example (1) but only .MP3 files will be included and brutalcompression level will be applied.

4) zg -backup "c:\Test\" "C:\My Folder\"
"C:\My Folder" backup will be saved as "c:\Test\". All filess will be included and no compression will be applied.

5) zg -backup "c:\Test\" "C:\My Folder\" -*.txt -*.doc
Like example (4) but files TXT and DOC will be ignored.

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