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Sometimes we take very questionable decisions, moved by very stupid ideas that will lead to a U-turn in what we did. We must undo (with great pleasure) our latest decision.

On November 1st, we announced that our default website would be “” for the time being, while “” would be used just as a redirect to the “.com” site.

We thought that it would be useful for our visitors to find everything about ZipGenius in just one website, the best between the two available and the one that was already partially prepared to promote ZipGenius X. We updated our “.com” website to be bilingual, so italian-speaking visitor could read pages in Italian in that same site and we put up many redirections from the “.it” to the new “.com” pages.

Then you overwhelmed our e-mail and social media channels, asking to maintain “” alive because it is a true reference for many people; also, many webmasters suggest ZipGenius to let their visitors to decompress the zip archives they offer online, so they suddenly found out that their links were not working as expected.

That was not good so we’re bringing back our beloved “” website. We redesigned it and synchronized it with its “.com” counterpart, and we also adopted a new graphic layout that will fit for ZipGenius X next year.

Thanks for the love you’re showing and don’t forget that in 2022 ZipGenius will turn 25.

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