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Our YouTube channel has a new video tutorial that explains how to create a non-shareable archive with Czip X and how it works.


Non-shareable archives are one of main security options in Czip X and they were conceived to protect documents also when they are going to be stored remotely, just as in a cloud storage service. You know, today online accounts can be easily violated, and when it happens, your docs are there, ready to be alterated, deleted or subtracted for any reason. This could happen if you don’t use strong credentials or if someone manages to guess your credentials through social engineering or through any other kind of hack. Also, your credentials may be involved in a data breach of some other online service, making your login data available also in the quite obscure online markets.

By creating a non-shareable archive, you are putting your docs in a “zero trust” safe box that can be decrypted only using the device that originally generated that archive; if you move that archive to your smartphone or to a different computer, Czip X will not be allowed to decrypt it and the decryption process will always fail, also if you try to use the correct passphrase.

What Czip X does is to take some data from the device hardware and to use them to “extend” the passphrase entered by the user; however the hardware could change since the creation of such archive, so the user has the opportunity to export the hardware data in an encrypted backup file that must be stored in a safe location because when Czip X fails to decrypt a non-shareable archive, it prompts to retry by importing that backup file: the file “HwInfo.czkey” can be really used to decrypt a non-shareable archive in other devices.

This advanced option of Czip X was mainly conceived for storage purposes only (and it’s name should be quite clear).


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