Thank you for choosing ZipGenius!

Thank you for choosing ZipGenius. We are truly sure that our product will give you great satisfaction day after day. ZipGenius is an absolutely free product: this means that if someone asked you to pay or to register to some service in order to download and use ZipGenius, then you have been scammed: ZipGenius was born free for everybody.

ZipGenius is a software product that has been conceived and realized to be easy to use for everybody, no matter which level of expertise you have with computers. Anyway you might need some guidance because you could not understand how to do some task, so we would like to suggest you to take some time to read the (old) online help and the F.A.Q. page, because they will let you know better ZipGenius and you will be able to use it at its best.

Thank you again,

The ZipGenius Team.

Please note!

This build of ZipGenius includes the ZGTool “CZIP 2 Opener tool” and it has been automatically installed. you may have noticed that the “.CZIP” file type is no longer associated to ZipGenius: in fact, now CZIP files must be opened through the CZIP2 Opener tool due to what we call the “Unicode disaster” (you can read about it here).

This means that CZIP2 Opener is not even uninstallable because it was hardcoded in this setup package. It’s very important to have it installed because it is a workaround to the “Unicode disaster” until we release the next ZipGenius.

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