My Own Passphrase: a new project.

We are happy to announce the release of a new application: My Own Passphrase. My Own Passphrase (MOP) is a very easy to use passphrase generator that creates truly solid passphrases for your protection needings. It’s really easy: you have only to visit its home page and it will:

  • detect your browser’s language and set the dictionary accordingly (if a dictionary is available, otherwise it will set the english dictionary);
  • generate a very random passphrase with 5 words, each from 5 to 8 characters long, with the first letter capitalized;
  • calculate the bits of entropy of the newly created passphrase.

That’s it. You don’t really have to mess with settings but, if you really want to, you have the option to go to the full generator page where you can set:

  • the number of words in you passphrase (from 4 to 10);
  • minimum and maximum length of each word (actually from 4 to 9 characters but we’re working to expand the maximum limit);
  • if first letter should be capitalized;
  • if a random digit should be appended to each word;
  • if a 5-digits random number should be appended to the passphrase.

MOP is based upon the principes of the Diceware method but we’re using better dicitionaries than those used in Diceware.

Currently, MOP has the following dictionaries: Danish, English, Esperanto, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian, Slovakian, Ukrainian.

How will this relate to ZipGenius X and Czip X

The core technology will be accessible from our applications whenever the user must write a passphrase to protect anything; in fact, we will soon release an update to Czip X that will offer to open MOP in a browser and get a fresh new passphrase. ZipGenius X, also, will show the same prompt whenever a user will be creating a new archive.

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