ZipGenius user interface has evolved since 1997, when the very first release of ZipGenius appeared, but always offering three toolbars full of commands; now ZipGenius shows a new design inspired by Windows® XP, so even beginners can easily use this program. Commands are now available in different places:


It shows main ZipGenius commands (“New”, “Open”, etc.).If you want to see buttons without labels, right-click on the toolbar and uncheck the “Show button labels” item; if you want to see smaller icons in the toolbar, right-click on the toolbar and check “Show smaller icons”.


It was conceived to make easier ZipGenius usage, allowing access to many features through the “Panels” button.

Available panels in the sidebar are:

  • Common Tasks
  • Folder view
  • History
  • Zip list
  • Find Files

You can hide the SideBar from “Tools” > “Layout” menu, just as you could do with the status bar and the info bar.