Is ZipGenius really free?

ZipGenius is totally free and you don’t have to pay to download and/or use it. If anyone asked you for money to download or use ZipGenius, let us know!

Can I use ZipGenius in my office or in my company?

Sure! ZipGenius can be used freely in any environment (office, company, organization, association, school, home, etc.) and it can be installed on an unlimited number of workstations.

How many file formats does ZipGenius support?

Check this page and you’ll find how many.

Can I create RAR archives?

No because RAR developers don’t release the necessary libraries to do that. You can just decompress RAR archives. Anyway, you can still create 7z archives which can be compressed as much as RAR does.

I would like to distribute ZipGenius in a cover-mount CD/DVD for my magazine: do I need an authorization?

Just write an e-mail (in english or italian) using the contact form.

The antivirus is telling me that ZipGenius DLL files are infected with a trojan. What should I do?

99% that is a false positive from your antivirus that has been caused by the UPX compression used to shrink the DLL files you see. Those DLL files, however, don’t contain any kind of software code because those are just resources libraries. Please, report the false positive to your antivirus software publisher and get an update for the virus database.

I tried to compress PDF / MP3 / MPEG / AVI / JPEG / PNG files but they don’t get smaller. Why? Is ZipGenius working correctly?

That is not a ZipGenius problem. Those files (and many other) are already compressed upon creation, just like MP3 or DivX files. If you try to compress further these files you could get two opposite effects: they could shrink just about 0.5% of original size or they could even get bigger. By default, ZipGenius avoid to compress these files, unlesse you select the BRUTAL compression level. If you need better compression, you could try with the 7-zip format (.7z extension), which offers very high compression ratio.

What is UPX? How do I use it in ZipGenius?

UPX is a great compression software for executable files like .EXE, .OCX and .DLL. UPX is an open source project available at http://upx.sourceforge.netIn ZipGenius recent distributions, UPX has been included in order to add a new compression level named Brutal+UPX. This is the highest compresson level provieded by ZipGenius. If you want to enable it, you can download upx.exe and copy it to ZipGenius program folder; ZipGenius will detect it and you will get automatically the new compression level.

By selecting Brutal+UPX, ZipGenius will create a list of files candidate to beprecompressed through UPX; you will choose UPX compression level and ZipGenius will precompress (if possible) those files, then it will go on with the normal compression routine.. If you want to learn more about the advantges of UPX precompression, read this PDF document.

I would like to uninstall ZipGenius but I get a message related to file unins000.dat: what should I do?

This happens when you use an uninstaller program to remove “useless” files from your system: it could delete files “useful” to uninstall programs. Please, remove Windows application from Control Panel! Fix this issue following these steps:

  1. Click Start > Run and type: regsvr32 “C:\Program Files\ZipGenius 6\contmenu.dll” /U (or regsvr32 “C:\Program Files (x86)\ZipGenius 6\contmenu.dll” /U – that depends by your Windows version).
  2. Download this file and decompress it on your desktop.
  3. Reboot your PC.
  4. Manually delete the folder “C:\Program Files\ZipGenius 6\″
  5. Double click on the .reg files you will find, following the order represented by their filenames (“Step 1″ – “Step 2″)

Does ZipGenius run in Linux?

You could use WINE to run ZipGenius with limited functionality and with stability issues.ù

Does ZipGenius run in MacOSX?

No and unlike Linux, there is not workaround like using WINE. However, we’re working to port ZipGenius as a native application to Linux and we’re confindent that one day we’ll port it to OS X, too.

Can I support ZipGenius project with a donation?

Yes, you can both donate through PayPal.

We also accept dismissed working hardware: to be specific, we would accept a Mac for development purposes.

Can I install ZipGenius in Windows 95, 98 or ME?

We are progressively phasing out compatibility with older versions of ZipGenius. Specifically, Windows 95, 98 and ME, all need the Microsoft Unicode Compatibility Layer in order to run the latest releases of ZipGenius.

Future releases will not install at all and you need to refer to the ZipGenius Museum to download a version suitable for your Windows version.

Will ZipGenius steal any personal data?

No. We don’t care about you, your business and your private life.

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