Czip X v. 1.8 for Windows is available!

We have released a much needed update to Czip X for Windows. The newer release is version 1.8 which offers a lot of enhancements.

  1. The user interface has received a major facelift that refreshes its look and feel while keeping the wizard-style approach. This will be the last version to show the wizard-style UI – read later.
  2. Czip X now is fully compatible with Windows 11 and adopts its style language.
  3. The icon for .czx file has been redesigned.
  4. A lot of bugs were fixed in order to make it more stable than before.
  5. The IPFS support has been improved: when you upload an archive to IPFS, Czip X now creates a folder in your local IPFS storage and the archive will be added there along with its proof of existence in a PDF file.
  6. We have built our own IPFS gateway that lets your material reach faster to the IPFS network because we don’t rely anymore on overwhelmed public gateways.

As written above, this will be the last desktop version for Windows because Czip X 2.0, the next major version, will be a truly cross-platform app and the same code will run in Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and macOS, thanks to Uno.Platform. In fact, we are going to release v. 1.9 as a Linux-only update but it is already the Uno.Platform-based edition, whose code will be ported directly from the lastest Windows release. We have an update for Android app in our backlog and it will release around June; after that, every Czip X edition will converge to the cross-platform one – we just need some time to test the code across all platforms.

Visit Czip X website for info and download.


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