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A truly recent academic study found that more than 100 millions of Samsung phones have a nasty encryption bug that makes those phones’ security quite useless. While don’t want to discuss all the technical details here – but if you want you could check the links at the bottom of this post – we would like to tell how you can protect your sensitive documents in your phone until Samsung makes something to fix the problem (if it could be fixed because the phones affected goes from Galaxy S8 up to Galaxy S21 and Samsung’s update policy is a bit unclear for older models).

Whether you use a Samsung phone or any other Anroid-based phone, you can rely on the effectiveness of our Czip X app. Czip X helps you make encrypted archives through a layered safety technology that allows you to choose how much protection you documents deserve: you can go from a simple passphrase-based encryption up to the option to make auto-deletable archives or archives tied to the hardware that produces them. If you need to know more about the security options offered by Czip X, you can read about in its website.

What’s the point? There are lots of encryption utilities around but Czip X elevates because it’s easier to understand and use, and it makes easier to accomplish a truly simple task: making small safe box with your documents in case someone succeed to access your mobile device or your cloud accounts; if that happens, the intruder has to decrypt them: that’s a truly time-and-resource-consuming task that makes useless any attack. 

Moreover, by using additional layers of security in Czip X, even if the attacker knows the correct passphrase that may not be enough to access those documents. If you create an archive through the option “Make (archive) not shareable“, the app mangles your passphrase with some hardware data so, if you move the encrypted archive to a cloud storage and someone tries to decrypt it on a device that’s not the one used for encryption, the task will always fail.

Czip X is available in Windows Store for Windows 10/11 for € 0,99.

Czip X for Android has the same price in the Google Play Store but it is also available in an ads-supported version.

Czip X for Linux is completely free.

See here.

If you want know more about the newly discovered flaw in Samsung’s encryption:

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