Here we go. We are happy to announce an update to CZIP X for Android and a lot of other stuff that involves our websites. Let’s start with the main announcement, then.

A new version of CZIP X for Android is coming.

After many weeks of work, we are happy to announce that we’re pushing a new version oof our beloved encryption/decryption utility to Google Play Store. As you may have read in a previous post, we will offer the app in two editions: paid and ad-supported. The first one is the CZIP X you already know and it still costs €/$ 0.99 (taxes included), while the second version is completely free to download and install because it will show advertisement banners (no interstitial ads, don’t worry) while using the app – and if you want to remove ads, you could buy a lifetime license for €/$ 0.99 from within the app.

The version number of the application bumped from 1.1.x to 1.5.x because there are a lot of things that changed in the meanwhile:

  • The codebase was modernized in order to work better with recent versions of the operating system; at the same time, this means that we are dropping support to older Android versions: in fact, CZIP X is now supported only on Android 8.0 or later.
  • The whole code was migrated to Android X to get rid of (very) old code.
  • The camera preview of the QR code scanner is not distorted anymore (yay!)
  • The user interface was slightly upgraded with Material You controls that look definitely better than before.
  • No more toast notifications but fully customized dialogs to let the user interact with the application.
  • The encryption/decryption tasks now show a true progress dialog that informs about how much data were processed.
  • Minor bugs fixed.

Both editions will be available around Nov. 3rd, 2021.

Website changes.

Starting from Monday Nov. 1st, 2021, the URL will redirect to We will keep that domain because we have that since 2001 but everything from now on will be geared through the .com domain. This website will be translated also to italian (just as but the blog will be still written in english only. The old website will be phased out progressively and many more redirects will be made.

Thank you!