This website uses cookies to offer the complete user experience whitout unexpected behaviours.

Cookies are small files that a website download through the web browser into user0s computer so they can store some information that can be used while browsing the site – session cookies – or at a new access after one or more day from the first visit – persistent cookies.

Types of cookies.
There are three types of cookies:

  • strictly technical cookies: this kind of cookies make this website work as designed and without them the visitor might find malfunctions or limited user experience. The technical cookies don’t collect personal data and they don’t allow to rebuild a visitor’s preferences, habits, tastes, choices and browsing history; due to these reasons, technical cookies are automatically installed without asking visitors for consent;
  • performance and analytics cookies: these cookies are used by the website editor to analyze website performances and number of page views. Those cookies collect anonymous data about number of visitors, page view, pages not found and errors appeared to the website visitors. The removal of these cookies doesn’t affect the normal usage of the website;
  • profiling cookies: these cookies are used to collect a visitor’s browsing habits, choices, preferences, tastes, geographic position, in order to create customized advertisings.

Third parties cookies.
The cookie types reported above are usually installed directly from the webserver that hosts a website but it’s getting common to have third parties cookies installed thorugh a website becuase it uses third parties services. The third parties cookies may be used for the scopes described above: under these circumstances, the third parties are the only responsible for the activities they conduct through a website that uses their services.

The website uses the cookie:

1) technical cookies, as explained above, these let the website work properly and as designed;

2) Google Analytics: while these are third party cookies with profiling capabiities, we have anonymized the IP addresses it may collect and we also have detached Google Analytics from its advertising features. Data are anonymously collected and we can’t directly rebuild visitors’ preferences, habits, tastes, browsing histories;

3) Google AdSense: this advertising network is capable of writing profiling cookies that are exclusively used by Google Inc. and its advertising partners that may appear in these pages. The only responsible for any profiling activity is Google Inc. because it is the only party that may use those data to build customized advertising messages, so we invite you to read their own privacy policy.

Advertisements from Google AdSense in these pages can also install more third parties cookies that generally relates to AdSense commercial partners. The editor of this website cannot block those cookies in any way. If a visitor wants to block or to delete them, he/she can do it through the web browser. The following are specific instructions for all the most spread web browsers:

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