ZipGenius X, a first preview

ZipGenius X, a first preview In 2022 ZipGenius will be 25 years old. Since 1997 our application has grown up and evolved together with Windows. We only stopped in 2016 when we decided to focus on the increasing demand for document protection and then we started reviewing the whole foundation of CZIP, the technology that ZipGenius uses to create encrypted archives. That technology was getting obsolete and we felt that it was ne...
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CZIP X v. 1.5.3000 for Android is ready.

  CZIP X v. 1.5.3000 for Android is ready. </h1 > Here we go. We are happy to announce an update to CZIP X for Android and a lot of other stuff that involves our websites. Let's start with the main announcement, then. A new version of CZIP X for Android is coming. After many weeks of work, we are happy to announce that we're pushing a new version oof our beloved encryption/decryption utility to Google Play Store. As you may have read in a previous post, we will offer the app ...
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ZipGenius 6 runs in Windows 11 | ZipGenius 6 funziona in Windows 11

  ZipGenius 6 runs in Windows 11 | ZipGenius 6 funziona in Windows 11 </h1 > Yes, that's ZipGenius 6 running in Windows 11. It works correctly but you couldn't find the context menu in File Explorer. Well, Microsoft has a new way to show custom entries in File Explorer's context menu and entries added by older applications were moved in a sub-menu called "Show more options...". We won't update that because ZipGenius 6 development ended some time ago in favor of ZipGenius X - wh...
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ZipGenius X Development Log, ep. 3

Minimal Elegance. [lgc_column grid="50" tablet_grid="50" mobile_grid="100" last="false"] [/lgc_column][lgc_column grid="50" tablet_grid="50" mobile_grid="100" last="true"] [/lgc_column] Long time users of ZipGenius could easily recall that our application was designed to look nice and not to a gray-ish boring utility for ordinary work. We always wanted it to be good looking and customizable. It worked and the proof is in how many competitors have been inspired by our user inter...
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ZipGenius X Development Log – ep. 2

The "User" page in Settings dialog
Did we say that ZipGenius X has a complex development process? Yes, we can confirm that once again. You can understand how much complex an application is by opening its "Settings" or "Options" dialog. Developing a settings dialog is one of the hardest task in application development because it's always conceived to be a part of the application that shouldn't be used everyday, while it supersedes the whole application setup. Every setting mad through this dialog must be accessible from any...
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ZipGenius X development log, ep. 1

ZipGenius X extraction dialog
This is the first episode of a new series of blog posts that will be written without a regular schedule because it will track ZipGenius X development progress. Some people commented that ZipGenius X doesn't exist and it is some kind of vaporware... That's not true at all. The development of ZipGenius X is quite complex because we're not updating from the old codebase but we're rewriting everything from scratch. This means that the development goes along some kind of research sessions, which l...
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