The long awaited day has come. We announced a twist in Czip X history some time ago (look here and here) but sometimes we are forced to delay the release because of bugs that pop up at the very last minute – and we have to fix them as well.

Anyway, starting from today Czip X gets a reshape and it is available to public in two editions for Android.

  • Czip X – it’s a new free edition that show ads inside the application (don’t worry: they’re just banners and not those boring interstitial ads that break your workflow). You can rmeove ads from the app itself by purchasing a lifetime license at just €/$ 0,99 (taxes included);
  • Czip X Premium – it’s the classic edition of the app that used to cost just €/$ 0,99 (tasse incluse) and that anyone can purchase directly from the Google Play Store, so that no ads will show since the beginning.

The two editions are identical except for the fact that the basic is showing ads now. Both have identical features, despite build numbers are slightly different (3010 for Premium edition, 3011 for basic editon); these build numbers will sync upon the next update.

What’s new in version 1.5?

  • User interface was improved and partially redesigned to make it more streamlined;
  • Encryption and decryption tasks now show the percentage of progress of the operation, both in a specific popup dialog and in notification (if the user move to a different app);
  • General performances were improved;
  • Some technical choices forced us to drop support to older Android versions: this means that Czip X now is only supported from Android 8 (Oreo) up to Android 12 (S);
  • The camera preview while scanning for a QR code is not distorted anymore.

Czip X and Czip X Premium are available only in Google Play Store and don’t forget to check the website at https://www.czip.it.

Czip X
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Czip X Premium
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