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Browse archives through their tree structure.

The most versatile free utility for handling compressed archives.

Since 1997, ZipGenius is the most versatile free application to handle file compression in several formats likeZIP, RAR, 7-ZIP, CAB, ARJ, ARC and others. All the positive reviews agree: ZipGenius is an useful (if not necessary) application for everybody in any environment, at work or at home.

ZipGenius runs on…

Easy to use

ZipGenius is powerful but easy to use: you don’t need to be a geek or a nerd or a nuclear scientist to use it: many tasks are fully automated and the application gives a lot of useful advices while you use it. ZipGenius has been conceived to be used by every kind of user.


ZipGenius handles more than 20 types of compressed file formats and it allows you to browse CD/DVD-ROM ISO image files as if they were common archives. You can even use it through its embedded command line module in batch operations.


Don’t trust the standard ZIP password protection! It’s weak and it can be easily cracked. Protect your work with ZipGenius CZIP encryption feature: it embeds your ZIP archives into a secure envelope that uses strong encryption algorithms.


ZipGenius is free for every kind of user in every kind of environment! And we really mean absolutely free: no fees, no subscriptions, no ads within the application, no spyware, no limited features: nobody will ask you for money to download and use ZipGenius!

Over 20 years of positive reviews can’t be wrong…

“We recommend this program to everyone.”


“Great minds use ZipGenius.”

“The mighty free zip/unzip utility for Windows.”

“One of the best (if not the best) free zip program out there today.”

“Easy to use and with extensive file format support, ZipGenius is one of the most flexible compression tools available.”

“This free program doesn’t require registration or intrusively collect user data, yet it offers as many, if not more, features than much of its commercial competition.”