The most versatile free zip utility for Windows.

Since 1997, the most versatile free utility that handles file compression in many formats like ZIP, RAR, 7-ZIP, CAB, ARJ, ARC and many more. All the positive reviews agree: ZipGenius is an useful application that could fulfill everybody's needings in every workplace or at home.

ZipGenius, conceived for Windows


ZipGenius is powerful but easy to use: you don’t need to be a geek or a nerd or a big brain to use it because many features are completely automatic and the application gives adivecs while using it. ZipGenius is conceived to be used by everyone.


ZipGenius supports more than 20 compressed file types and it allows to browse CD/DVD ISO images, just like you would do with common folders. You can also use it in batch tasks by using its command line module.


Don’t trust the basic password protection offered by the ZIP format to secure your documents! Protect your work with the CZIP encryption systema included in ZipGenius: it puts your ZIP archives in a secure envelope that uses state-of-the-art and renowned encryption algorithms.


ZipGenius is free for everybody in every environment! It’s truly free: no registration, no fees, no adware or spyware and no crippled features. Nobody will ask you money to use ZipGenius!

A Success In Numbers

These great numbers show how ZipGenius became a successful utility

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Positive reviews can’t be wrong.

Since 1997, ZipGenius is recognized as a perfect work companion.

ZipGenius Suite is a full-featured program that lets users easily create, edit, and share ZIP files. We think that ZipGenius Suite is a great program for users of all levels; it’s easy enough for beginners, but it has enough cool features to satisfy experienced zippers as well (…) We recommend this program to everyone.

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Need yet another powerful alternative to WinZip for zipping and unzipping your files? Well I can give you one, and I’ll even do it for free. While looking for other good zipping programs that have not gotten a lot of press, I found ZipGenius. I might be able to say it is one of the best (if not the best) free zip program out there today.

The Lockergnome Daily Report

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Powerful, secure, and easy to use, ZipGenius provides a free alternative to premium compression software such as WinZip. The versatile utility features support for more than 20 compression formats and the option to secure your files through CZIP encryption.

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All in all, testing ZipGenius was a piece of cake. It’s simple enough for beginners, while power users can also spend quality time with it exploring the advanced features it has to offer. It takes advantage of basic system tools to get the process done as fast as possible, with little effort required on your behalf.


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