ZipGenius X Development Log, ep. 3

Minimal Elegance. [lgc_column grid="50" tablet_grid="50" mobile_grid="100" last="false"] [/lgc_column][lgc_column grid="50" tablet_grid="50" mobile_grid="100" last="true"] [/lgc_column] Long time users of ZipGenius could easily recall that our application was designed to look nice and not to a gray-ish boring utility for ordinary work. We always wanted it to be good looking and customizable. It worked and the proof is in how many competitors have been inspired by our user inter...
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ZipGenius X Development Log – ep. 2

The "User" page in Settings dialog
Did we say that ZipGenius X has a complex development process? Yes, we can confirm that once again. You can understand how much complex an application is by opening its "Settings" or "Options" dialog. Developing a settings dialog is one of the hardest task in application development because it's always conceived to be a part of the application that shouldn't be used everyday, while it supersedes the whole application setup. Every setting mad through this dialog must be accessible from any...
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