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Size: 4,58 MB
MD5: cba5d201e4f2460b9e25389df527b2c8

The basic edition of ZipGenius.

This package ships with the basic features set and perfectly fit to the needings of common and casual users that don’t need advanced features or additional tools. However, if you want to expand ZipGenius capabilities, check the add-ons and ZGTools page.

Size: 8,58 MB
MD5: c52a2725c5c3a19449b50d3342558c22

The full-featured edition of ZipGenius.

This package is specifically crafted for business, corporate and power users becuase it ships ZipGenius with additional modules, themes and utilties.


  • FTPGenius – FTP client
  • Scan & Zip
  • ZGAlbum
  • Cutter 4.5
  • Additional skins

Size: 12,2 MB
MD5: 220c7b48cd04116dae18b55f91006664

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